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Thread: Playlist on my page? Howto?

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    Question Playlist on my page? Howto?

    search-function didn't found something about it:

    how to get a live playlist on my website? The song at the moment is enough?

    something like brown box in the upper left, perhaps?

    thanks for input!
    GreetX from Switzerland


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    AHddicted! Dan's Avatar
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    were in the middle of building a flash based banner that anyone can put on their websites ok?

    its coming soon thank you for this.
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    Hey and to afterhours. Enjoy your stay and spread the word about us! Cheers!

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    Cool playlist like Dan's Banner

    @Dan: your foo.png is what i looked for. Are there l8er some possibilities to change the color or so? Or to get the text only?
    GreetX from Switzerland


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    yeah this would be great, i like the one at the moment on facebook, except it doesnt show whats coming up!

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