01. Marc Van Linden and D-Gor Fusion [FSOE]
02. Armin van Buuren and Jorn Van Deynhoven Lost In Space [ASOT]
03. Trance Wax Calling For You (Push Mix) [Anjuna Beats]
04. Dave Neven and GXD Allies [ASOT]
05. Luca De Maas Do You Know [Vectiva Recordings]
06. Factor B Sea Of Thoughts [Theatre of the Mind]
07. Nikolauss Omi [Subculture]
08. Paul Denton Blinded By The Lights [Subculture] [SUNRISER!]
09. Paul Van Dyk and Kolonie Wishful Thinking [Vandit]
10. Trance Wax Manaya (Lange Remix) [Anjuna Beats]
11. Kaimo K feat. Jess Morgan All That There Is [Amsterdam Trance]
12. Talla 2XLC and DJ T.H. and Cari Just As You Are [Future Sequence]
13. Adam Taylor and Deirdre Mclaughlin Art [Digital Society]
14. Ralphie B Massive (Dan Thompson Remix) [In Trance We Trust]
15. Rene Ablaze and Natalie Gioia Who You Are [Future Sequence]
16. Factor B and Cat Martin Move Mountains [FSOE]
17. Blue Sector Invasion [We Are Trance]
18. Starpicker Pleiades [GO Music]
19. Dan Stone Sorrento (Dan Thompson Remix) [FSOE Fables]
20. Andre Visior Lights [Always Alive]
21. KBK and Nayenne Tears Of An Angel [Abora Recordings]
22. Steve Allen Ophiuchus [Uplift]
23. Arctic Ocean Feel The Wave [Ablazing Records]
24. David Forbes Cerberus (Outburst Records]
25. Transa Supernova (Kenny Palmer Remix) [Trancessential Recordings]
26. Metta and Glyde Neptune [Surgikal] [ENERGIZER!]

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