Late again but a lot is going on right now so sorry about that. In a couple of months I hope I will be able to upload my sets on time. Anyway here's my set and I hope you will enjoy it!

Genre: Trance

Length: 59:41

Link to the set:

01. Last Soldier & Digital Rush - The Last Rush (Extended Mix)
02. Derek Ryan & Jen Wood - Moments (Extended Mix)
03. Andre Visior & Rene Ablaze - Drawn Inside (TrancEye Remix)
04. Binary Ensemble - Odyssey (Original Mix)
05. Mike van Fabio - Sacred Lake (Original Mix)
06. A.R.D.I - Heart & Soul (Extended Mix)
07. David Surok - Shadow (Original Mix)
08. Technikal - Fireball (Original Mix)
09. Nitrous Oxide - First Aid (Extended Mix)
10. Sean Mathews - Starting A Fire (Extended Mix)