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Thread: Any trance lovers out there in London ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrammbledeggs View Post
    ps we may be going to morco v at MOS next friday if you fancy it
    Ha, looks like I missed that post.. sorreee
    Without trance I fear I'd be nothing.

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    There is an aviv Trancer here, in NW London, im not an expert on artists and producers even the names of most tunes, but i just love it and have burned many holes in many dance floors, even muddy ones... good to meet you all ..

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    muddy? ahhgg went to VanFest in Malvern at the weekend. They had a rave tent - had to wade through mud upto your knees to get there though

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    dont know if this is still relevant at all but i jus did a google search and this topic came up so ive joined ah! i live west london way, massive music and trance fan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardboard View Post
    dont know if this is still relevant at all but i jus did a google search and this topic came up so ive joined ah! i live west london way, massive music and trance fan!
    You definitely came to the right site if you love trance mate!
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    New Trance Lover!!! Love my HOuse, Progressive House Stuff aswell :D

    Only rely gt into it all over the last few months and started listening erlier last year !!!!

    Was at MOS Gallery Xmas Party few weeks ago Markus and Armin were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    O Yeh From Harrow in London!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willwatson View Post
    Welcome to the AH forum

    I'm Will, I'm one of the DJ's on here.

    I'm from Northampton which is about 45mins by train or 1 hour in a London Limousine from Euston. Myself and some friends are hopefully hitting The Gallery at Ministry of Sound in two weeks for Sander Van Doorn. ( I typed Turnmills then. Eeek!)

    Add me on MSN if you want to talk about things
    London Vacation

    Chat soon
    I wish I lived in London but I do dig trance music!
    If it aint trance, I aint gonna dance..

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    Everyone one, Nearly everyone is talking about the gallery at MOS. The Gallery at Ministry of sounds THE BEAUTIFUL GALLERY never ends...

    I work for the Gallery and Armin Van Buuren is Playing next month on the 27th of Friday as its the Gallerys' Birthday btw.

    1st week of next month we have Above and Beyond playing a 3 hour set, Following week Markus Schulz is playing a 3 hours set... BT and Andy Moor are also coming along down the Line. Paul Oakenfold is coming back in July after playing last year august. John 00 Fleming is coming back in august as he played last year and in th beginning of this year... For more updates jst drop me an email and i will take put your emails on listening and update you with gigs 1 month before hand so all of you are well prepared...

    Peace... The Gallery Rulezz

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    is someone coming to the EXIT festival in serbia

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    I'm always going to trance events in London and am going to "Discover Records, MPFS & Prehab". Details are:

    Start Time: Saturday, 12 September 2009 at 22:00
    End Time: Sunday, 13 September 2009 at 06:00
    Location: Area Club, Vauxhall
    Town/City: London, United Kingdom

    John Askew
    Ben Gold
    Sly One vs Jurrane
    David Murtagh
    Tom Yelland
    Matt Kirkland

    Are you on facebook? I've already booked my ticket for this event. It's gonna be awesome!

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    Hi People!

    New to this Site!

    viva trance!
    Bjorn Akesson, You Are A God!!

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