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Thread: Mellen Events presents: Armin Van Buuren (Metros City, Perth)

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    Mellen Events presents: Armin Van Buuren (Metros City, Perth)

    This is going to be one hell of a night

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    WOW! For once Perth doesn't miss out! LOL.

    I've got a double AvB week coming up. Seeing him June 9th in Melbourne for Armin Only. Then June 14 back up here in Brisbane.

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!
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    Mannnnnnnnnnnn you are blessed!!!!!! :D

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    Armin!!! Here i come!!!!!!!!!
    one step closer to the state of trance. prasie the universal religon

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    he rocked the roof off tonight at metros, yet another fantastic performance by the worlds #1 trance and progression dj :D cant wait for next time :D

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