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Thread: hey guys :D need help on this one

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    Cool hey guys :D need help on this one

    Morning guys.

    I heard that song on today. i think it was "Black & Jones" or"Anguilla Project" mixing.

    The songtext is about the following:

    Cause you're perfect,
    the way that you are
    Like the moon, and the stars

    And the sun in the sky
    .. .
    Okay i don't know any more about the text cause i didn't concentrate. (Playing Counter Strike :D )

    But its kinda catchy so i want to know whom it is from

    tanks a lot and greetz from Austria

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    Markus Schulz feat. Dauby - Perfect :smile1:

    most likely the (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)

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    Thx :D

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