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Thread: beginner's question

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    beginner's question

    hi there everybody.

    trying to find some info on yesterday's (11/4) Suzy Solar's mix.
    found a thread with some comments but no info.
    anybody can point me somewhere.? or...

    have a great night/day.!.

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    well, what kind of info are you looking for? ::

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    like names of/what tracks she played.
    and if she played stuff from other artists.
    trancecat :cat: *********************************

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    hello there the tracklist should be in the first thread

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    was looking at 11/4's thread which was for the replay of 2/4's mix... :-s ...
    and had no list...

    thx again.

    keep it up.!.
    trancecat :cat: *********************************

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