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Thread: Aurosonic - Solar Breath

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    Aurosonic - Solar Breath

    The Ferrin & Low Remix just had its premiere in Aurosonic's own show Etyology Sessions 024!
    You can also listen to all 3 mixes on our website Fenology

    The newest release on the Fenology label features a stunning tune by two of the most promising Trance artists from Russia: AUROSONIC.
    "Solar Breath" can be described as cool, yet powerful Trance combined with dark basslines and a very unique atmosphere. The well worked out arrangement makes this production a real diamond, easily able to shine out of every "Standard Trance Collection".

    The remix jobs are this time done by Fenology's highly respected producer duo Ferrin & Low ("Atlanta/Westworld", "Breeze"), who turn "Solar Breath" into an uplifting energizer, and Georg Bissen, who is recently best known for his works such as "Melting", "Quicksand" and various remixes on quality labels!

    Once again, this strong release will find its way into many record bags in no time!


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    Cool. Aurosonic always brings up quality tunes. This one is no different.

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    nice uplifting remix from ferrin & low! you can hear a preview on cdjshop.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    Ferrin & Low deliver another solid remix!

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    Awesome Tune:X

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    hi there!
    yeah, i'm so happy too that the guy from my country produce such a cool melodic tunes =)

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    Get ready to enter the world of euphoria with the best in trance and progressive tunes..!

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