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Thread: Nitrous Oxide - Corn Flakes

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    Nitrous Oxide - Corn Flakes

    Amazing new track from Nitrous Oxide.

    my rating: 9/10
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    does this sound like NZK's track "crop circles"? ::

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    LOL Corn Flakes? what a title

    didn't hear it yet

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    Great bassline!

    Reminds me of Super8 and tab electro basslines..

    I like a side better though...
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    not impressed by it tbh
    also prefer A side ::

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    the track Red Moon Slide from Nitrous Oxide is much more better

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    let see!!!

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    I think this is a FABULOUS tune!! And TATW has had it for how long invading the set??!! LOL i love it though, i dont think Ill get sick of the bass line for a while. I think Nitrous Oxide has some really great stuff and a "personal" feel....going forward Im sure they have even more gems for us (re: Tony McGuinness' interview...)

    looking forward to some remixes as well

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