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Thread: Beatport.Com's Review Of AVB's 'Imagine'

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    Smile Beatport.Com's Review Of AVB's 'Imagine'

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    i think it's a very positive review.. and I was expecting this after the trance bashing article.

    It's a good album but nothing extraordinary imo...

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    Yeah, they are not the best productions, they are okay. It seems the vocals are overtaking the melodies. :/ I'd have to say my favorite tracks though on that cd would have to be Going Wrong and Hold on to Me.

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    I think it's an excellent album, definitely worth the rave reviews. I must admit that I disagree whole heartedly with the following quote,

    "stays in line with the rock trance trend, which was first brought to us with Dogzilla’s ‘Without You’"

    utter b*llocks, there have been plenty of "rock trance" tracks released before "Without You"! I have no idea why they wrote that...

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