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Thread: Varying mix

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    Varying mix

    Did this mix a while a go, and I thought I should give it a go in here.

    I'd very much like to have some comments on it


    01 Sia vs. J.O.C. The girl you lost to Rotterdam (The Marsbar's Salt & Vinegar bootleg) [CD-R]
    02 2Special Twisted sound[Perfect Groove Foundation]
    03 Kaliber Kaliber 18 A1 [Kaliber]
    04 Moonbeam Sky (Dub mix) [Proton Music]
    05 Fergie Anon [Excentric Music]
    06 Underworld Beautiful burnout (Mark Knight remix) [Different]
    07 Tom Wax Euphoria [Harthouse]
    08 Adam Beyer China girl [Mad Eye]
    09 Tattoo Detectives Pogo chick (Ali Wilson's Tekelec remix) [Teggno Records]
    10 Nortek Leftfield [Semidetached Music]
    11 Gareth Emery This is that [Five AM]

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    Would you perhaps be interested in broadcasting a show of this kind?

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