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Thread: Mantis - Demo Mix May 2008 (Progressive & Trance)

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    Mantis - Demo Mix May 2008 (Progressive & Trance)


    Did this as an intended demo mix last month but there are some bits I don't like so I'm not gonna be sending it out but would be good to hear what people think of it


    "Mantis - Bank Holiday Demo Mix May 2008"

    62m - 87mb


    1. Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix) [Critical Mass Records]
    2. Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin [Mau5trap]
    3. Whigfield - Right In The Night (Favretto Battini Remix Extended) [Off Limits]
    4. Sound Fiction Feat Kate Cameron - Alive (Matias Lethola Dub Mix)
    5. Andy Duguid Feat Leah - Dont Belong (Phynn Remix)
    6. Progression - Different Day Different Light (Re-Ward Remix)
    7. Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith Pledger Remix) [Anjunabeats]
    8. Leon Bolier - Ocean Drive Boulevard [2 Play Records]
    9. Aled Mann - Cause & Effect
    10. InnerMotion - Summerbash (Adam Ellis Remix) [Sunset to Sunrise Recordings]
    11. Andrelli Blue ft. Hila - Imagine (Mike Nichol Remix) [InfraSonic]
    12. Ronski Speed with Stoneface amp Terminal - Incognition (Club Mix) [Euphonic]

    Download (right click Save As...)

    PS. All tunes available from - the specialists in dance music mp3 download
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    Hey Mantis!

    Thank you for your nice mix, I really enjoyed it!
    I think that track nr. 1 could almost be called 'la guitarra', haha

    You played the 'Re-Ward' remix of 'different day different light', have you heard the 'progression impression mix'? That one is great too!

    The end of the set is really 'party' nice s

    Which equipment did you use to make it? I think it's a 'hardware'-set and regarding that the transitions are very good!

    One small thing I noticed (in the begin and the end when the music is less dominant) is that there's a a little tone under the set... When the music is loud, the tone is not anymore noticable. Maybe you can filter it out or check the connectors for a next set.

    Thanks again and best regards!

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    Hi marco, thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

    Yeah I absolutely love the track Les Djinns, I heard it first on Matt Darey's nocturnal show last year and then again on his end of year mix, I was so glad that he played it again so I could finally get the track name!

    I've not heard the impression mix of different day different light, I will have a look for it as I love the ReWard mix. I love that kind of sound.

    I noticed the hiss as well on a previous mix I'd recorded. I have narrowed it down to the cheap sound card that I bought (as my on board one died) having little to no protection from interferance from the power supply. I will need to buy a better sound card basically lol.

    The equipment I have is:


    Numark TT200 turntables
    Pioneer CDJ-400s
    Pioneer DJM-400 mixer
    Sennheiser HD25-SP headphones


    Kenwood KA660-D amp
    2x 50W Aiwa speakers
    2x 75W Mission speakers

    The set was done using all CDs, I just can't afford to buy vinyl these days. Tragically one of the 75W mission speakers got broken by someone when I playing at my mate's birthday party last week. In fact, it happened after all my stuff was packed up, there's now a big hole in the middle of it so will need to get new speakers now! argh!

    Where are you from marco?

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