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Thread: tiesto, IN SEARCH OF SUNRISE 2----GOOD OR BAD? let me no

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    tiesto, IN SEARCH OF SUNRISE 2----GOOD OR BAD? let me no

    jus wonderin what u folks think about the new release by tiesto

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    AH.FM Addict Vicky Wood's Avatar
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    There is already a thread for the new ISOS

    btw its upto release no.7 now
    Weekly Essentials - Mondays 7pm Eastern

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    AH.FM Addict Light Sequence's Avatar
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    wtf ISOS2?

    it's 2008 buddy - up to volume 7 now

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    he's coming to Toronto in a few days time,so far i haven't heard any news on this show so far
    i'm personally going to see it
    if it's know it's going to be a decent - amazing experience !!

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    actually, tiesto wasnt that great when i saw him last month....

    and Light Sequence... i think everyone should always get back to an old album (either one you have done or haven't) because 99% of the old ones (not ISOS2 particularly, but even that) destroy the new ones coming out today, on the whole. Any of avb's mixes from 2000-2006 are simply incredible and share the same simpler (but equally as powerful) style ... as opposed to the newer stuff.
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    Oh, and to answer the OP's question... I went through ISOS2 a few times in the past and it's pretty good... there's better from that era, but still worth a listen.
    Armin Van Buuren.

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