J-Soul - Riddle

Starting off with a melancholically deep pad and a soft, ephemeral lead that fade away as a insanely distorted sound effect and catchy mid-riff creep in, following a rip that'll make crowds go bump in unison, Russian house guru J-Soul's latest single, Riddle, is a fantastic remedy for anyone who needs to light up the crowd while keeping the vibe in check.
Fellow comrade Vadim Zhukov takes it up a notch by tossing in some of his signature elements, adding more of an upbeat feel to the original while still keeping it progressive, and even throws in a Jamaican-style breakdown that'll make you think of chilling on a Jamaican beach with a drink in hand, while Tasadi and Perj fire it up even further by taking the funky elements of the track and combining them with a fine dose of tight, groovy beats and a thumpin' bass that'll jump-start any dead crowd and keep them moving all night long.

Label: Sedna Recordings
Remixes: Tasadi and Perj, Vadim Zhukov
Release Date: June 18th
Stores: Beatport, Audiojelly, DJ Download, iTunes, Amazon, Dancetunes, Napster and all other MP3 stores


Original Mix

Tasadi & Perj Remix

Vadim Zhukov Remix