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Thread: where are song names

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    where are song names

    i'm a newbie here and don't see the names of the songs i'm playing in the itunes window or on the site. currently the last several songs have just said "blank & jones - monthly exclusive". i'm assuming that's name of a dj or of the program and not a song title. also i dont see the mentioned "faq" link. i just see home,profile,memebers,calender,residents,search,chat,store, and donate links.

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    there are rarely any single tracks being played....whole sets is what is being played 99.99% of the time.

    the brand new front page panel tells you last 5..current set playing and next 5 scheduled.

    and yes...Blank and Jones has a monthly exclusive on AH so that is what's playing now.

    can we have this moved?...this thread actually belongs here:

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