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Thread: Celine Dion - My heart will go on ( mutu mix )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laan View Post
    I spoke to Duderstadt and they didn't remix this tune.
    Very easy to tell its not a professional level remix...

    but then again I really hate that Inpetto sound - aside from one or two (Toca Me, A Day That Fades), it really goes nowhere - especially that Beauty of Silence and remix of If You Should Go... horrible pointless filler songs.

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    You guys are mean . The remix is actually very good . Love that inpetto sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by t4e View Post
    this has to be some kind of bad is next...Pavarotti?

    my verdict on this track: blue cheese..whichever the stinkiest kind is around

    EDIT: when the original was played it made the "sounds like" lirycs...when she says "my heart will go on" it actually sounds like "my hotdog will go on" LMAO
    for once I am going to agree with you 100%!

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