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Thread: Exit of Outboard - Summermixes 2008

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    Smile Exit of Outboard - Summermixes 2008

    Hello all electronic music lovers,
    Im Daiquiri, and Ive been involved in all djing stuff for about a year.
    I play music from relaxing chillout&Lounge to House\ProgHouse, and ralely minimal.

    Here is a little brief about myself:
    Im 16 years old, i live in Lithuania, city of Klaipeda. I dont like to call myself a "DJ", as there is a lot more to learn and achieve ahead, but it seems that all that thing came to some kind of "ritual" in my daily life.

    Since about two years (when my friend performed in school dance), i started to gather information about how all that is done, downloaded some basic DJ programs, tried to mix myself. But when i listened to some other djs (like benua or deep dish) mixes, i saw my mixes were so lame. But all that was just a stimuliaton to improve. So day by day, or should i say month by month i went through practising and saw myself getting a bit better, bought some equipment and got first few good comments about my mixes.

    All in all, im glad to be able to show you my mix and willing to read some comments (doesnt matter are they bad or good, its always nice to hear other people opinion).

    1. Hydrogen rockers vs Sia - Drink to get drunk
    2. Anthony Pappa - Outback (Pappa and Chads infront mix)
    3. Lucca Bachetti - On the way to Corcovado (original mix)
    4. Freq - Dreambody (atmos remix)
    5. Karim Haas - Breath Connection (Stan Kolev remix)
    6. Moonbeam - Raven Gipsy (Chris Micalli ix)
    7. Daniel Marques and Kuba Stepp - Under the gun (original mix)
    8. Dynastic - Samalaginibad
    9. Fer Ferrari - Essential bit of piano (club mix)
    10. Raygun - 1st of the year (dub rework)
    11. Christian Paduraru - Open minded absance (deep house mix)
    12. Hippe - Sunrise

    Download it

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    I will dl Your set to listen to trance of Lithuanian coast.
    Labai idomu bus paklausyti tavo set'o.

    Good luck!

    Trance can't be bad and scuba diving!!!

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    Glad to hear that

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    Well done,good mix!
    Trance can't be bad and scuba diving!!!

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    Always nice to read such words :thumbsup: By the way i have just recorded another mix, unfortunately rules dont allow to post more than one mix a month. :|

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    Wow once for the mix and twice for the last mixed track!!!!!!

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