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    Quote Originally Posted by lethalleigh View Post
    does this mean when my contract ends in about, ahh this month, and im gonna change to Optus i think, i wont be able to connect???
    Looks like Optus don't peer with PIPE unfortunately :|

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    TPG on the other hand... do PIPE, then i can save money to spend on wireless internet also which will be very handy at work, it sucks we are one of the most expensive internet countries!

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    Works perfectly, doesn't skip a beat.

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    i gave it a shot on itunes...couldn't connect

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    We had an issue with the upstream relay server overnight and some changes globally. Try connecting now as the server is up and streaming as normal.

    If it still doesn't work, please let me know what ISP you're connecting from at if possible the IP address that you've been assigned by your service provider.
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