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Thread: RIP Eric Tadla

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    RIP Eric Tadla

    Several people received the following email today... it's from Randy Boyer. Together with Eric Tadla they produced great tracks under the alias EnMass.

    I'm sorry to be writing you this letter, but I have some extremely bad news to share with you. My production partner of over 8 years, and great friend Eric Tadla passed away this past Saturday night. He was the other half of EnMass and one of the greatest musicians I have ever met. We composed over 60 songs together, and shared a beautiful 8 years. I am still in shock. As hard as this is, I know it's my obligation to let you know. Eric was a great person, with a huge heart and always escaped from life by making music, and I know that he would want to have his music to live on, which I know it will. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you think should know. I wish you the best in these tough times. Keep in touch.

    He was married and had a son, Aden.

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    Awful news, RIP
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    RIP Eric Tadla! Stemcell, INXS, Hide & Seek were amazing.
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    RIP. He is survived by the ones he left behind and the legacy he created through his music.

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    that is terrible news

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    RIP Eric Tadla

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    I am sorry to hear about this
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    got that email too

    sad news, loved enmass stuff

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    Recieved the email, was gonna put it up myself, glad someone beat me to it!

    Enmass is one of those artist duo's i always found amazing tunes from, they never failed to impress me! Hopefully it will be survived by Randy Boyer in some way, if not then the tunes are the tribute to a talented & successful producer!

    My favourite tune has always been CQ (Seek You), the breakdown is amazing, one of those tunes that when not played for a while just makes it special!

    Condolences to Randy Boyer for losing a great mate, and to Erics Family!

    May Eric Rest In Peace

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    Sad news indeed.

    R.I.P. Eric Tadla

    You will be missed but not forgotten.
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    This news is so sad. All I can say is that he was an amazing man and artist and his love and music live on through his music and his son- and the love he shared with all his friends and family.

    Randy will be certain to keep Eric's music alive, all I can do is smile knowing what a wonderful friend he was to Randy. You are blessed as an idividual to have such great people in your life- but more importantly, an individual is blessed to be able to prove their love as a great friend.

    I hope we all think of Eric and smile!! Remember that Nothing is a Loss, until it is taken for granted!

    I hope everyone takes a second, as well, to visit Randy's site- there is some great info there as well as downloads,ect. and you can pay your respects there on the forum as well. I know Randy will love reading all the beautiful words everyone has to say!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomek View Post
    got that email too

    sad news, loved enmass stuff
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    Always a sad loss when someone in the industry passes away.

    Rip Eric
    Will return to stardom one day

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