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Thread: Need help with one of the rescently played tracks

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    Need help with one of the rescently played tracks

    Heya, ppl! Heard this choon here on ah. The only thing i remember - i heard it somewhere in the beginning of May 2008.

    Here is a short sample:

    as heard on - 0.45MB

    Thx in advance if you have any ideas.

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    cant stream or download it

    try yousendit instead and i can give it a listen unless anyone else can ID it in the meantime
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    I can:

    It might be played by me actually, since i played it in one of my shows a couple months ago it's:

    Jay Lumen - Ultra (Mat Zo Remix)
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    Victoria, that's strange - it streams fine even from my friend's pc, which never works right =))

    Config, that's the one, thanx! A couple of beers is on me!

    Damn, just a magic tune!

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