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Thread: Stoneface and Terminal - Blueprint

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    Cool Stoneface and Terminal - Blueprint

    Quite a mind-trip this one!

    Original has the usual deep driving baseline you expect to hear from these two.

    Club mix is also pretty mental. Kinda breaks down into the mid range from Pictures in the middle, my favorite choon from S&T!

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    Club mix breakdown gives me chicken skin!

    Original is plain boring..
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    Kick-ass... immediatly used in in my newest set...

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    Club Mix is MASSIVE!!!!
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    i am so ******* dissappointed from this track, no energy another deadmaus style rippoff, prefer their banging trance style like the mirco de govia remix

    hope they back on this sound soon

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    Once again Stoneface & Terminal pump out Top Shelf Choons. The 'Club' remix is the one I tend to play out more often.

    There will be a 'Stoneface & Terminal Tribute mix out soon, its currently in the works. Be sure to check back in a couple weeks!!

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