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Thread: Leama - after Leama & Moor

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    Leama - after Leama & Moor

    So we all know all the good that Leama & Moor (Marty Leama / Andy Moor) contributed to trance :

    Leama and Moor - Waiting (Lost Language Electronica)
    Leama and Moor - Everything Matters (Lost Language)
    Leama and Moor - Complex Synth Problems (Lost Language)
    Leama and Moor - Fact of the Matter (Lost Language)
    Leama and Moor - Distance Between Us (Armada)
    Leama and Moor - Shades of Blue (Primal Beats)
    Leama and Moor - Shades of Red (Primal Beats)
    Leama and Moor - Shades of Yellow (Primal Beats)

    Leama & Moor Remixes:

    Baraka - Song to the siren (radio mix) (Hooj choons)
    2 Players - Signet (Lost Language)
    Avril Lavigne - I'm with You (We love records)
    Brian Eno - The Ending (Virgin / Universal)
    Little Wonder - Eclipse (Lost Language)
    Li Kwan - Point zero (Liquid Asset)
    Gwill morris - Forme (Lost Language)
    Nelly Furtado - Powerless / say what you want (We love rec)
    Orbital - Belfast (Ffrr)
    Paul Oakenfold - Zoo York (Perfecto)
    Sonorous - Second Sun (Lost Language)
    Space Manouvres - 7th Planet (Lost Language)
    Space Manouvres - Stage one (Lost Language)
    Starkid - Crayons (Release records)
    JP - India (exclusive budda bar mix)
    Tiesto - A Tear in the Open (Black Hole)
    Tiesto - UR (Black hole)
    Above and Beyond - Getting Away (Anjuna Beats)
    Sonorous - Protonic (Monster recordings)
    Britney Spears - Someday (Jive records)
    Vector 13 - Ghlis (Algorhythm records)

    It wasnt until recently that I started taking some interest in Leama's other aliases which has completely different approach to EDM... and tbh I love it!
    Grafiti for say is Leama and James Davis they have their own show on and few productions:
    The Steals V Grafiti - Sinner (Unknown) is ft. on his myspace page - Leama - England - Techno / House / Electronica -

    what do you guys think

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    I really like his track "Melodica". The "ambient mix" of this track is outstanding.

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    They done a wicked job remixing Brian Eno - The Ending.

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