Hi all, my name is adam ellis and i have been producing just under 10 months. i have a remix signed to a small dutch record label ' sunset to sunrise records ' with a release on beatport.com, audiojelly.com and trackitdown.net.

here is my original follow up song to the one singed..

not that i think anyone will be jumping with joy but here is a free download..
i worked very hard over the last 5 weeks on this song, so it seems silly to just not do anything with it. i decided its not good enough to sign so anyone who wants is welcome to it...

the piano is a tad cheesy at times and the mixdown is poor. but i cant do anything better as my cpu overload makes it impossible to mix the song properly.

maybe one day il remove the piano and mix it properly but for now il move on.. :-)

the song is called No One Else...

thanks ..

adam ellis..

download no one else for FREE @