Representing the US west coast techno scene, Portland's SubSensory Recordings releases Jack Coleman's funky techno masterpiece "Relax". Heavy synth driven sounds are prominent on this release, giving it a slight old school vibe that drops heavy on the dance floor. Lilroj's remix brings out the funk in funky, with lots of flavor, a perfect floor filler. The release is also supported by old school techno remix from DJ Jakub with stab influence from acid house and Joe Nemo’s remix which is simply a synth banger.

Available for purchase Exclusively through Beatport:

Jack Coleman - Relax - Sub Sensory Recordings 008

1. Jack Coleman - Relax (JAK original mix)
2. Jack Coleman - Relax (DJ Jakub remix)
3. Jack Coleman - Relax (LilRoj remix)
4. Jack Coleman - Relax (Joe Nemo's remix)