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Thread: Rapha - Pandora (Daniel Kandi's Emotional Mix)

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    Defo one of Kandi's best productions to date, kick still a bit too loud for me though. 8.5/10.

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    one big track of this year....for me

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    Great track! Really like that guitar-style melody.

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    I still don't know how to describe this tune and to count how many times I listened to this track.
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    one of the best melodies I have heard this year

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    First of, this is one of the best songs ive heard from Kandi in a looong time! Most of his songs lately have been a bit to repetetive and monotone. But with this its a totaly different story. Lets start with the intro which has a beautiful pluck melody combined with a great low pad in the background. Together with the fx's in the background and the hard kick this sounds great, althoug I would prefer a slightly softer and more wet kick. Im still not that fond of Daniel's bassline which i think is a bit to weak and "hard" sounding for a uplifting track. But for what it's worth it do fit the song and the rest of the elements when its combined. The perc work is great but i miss the clap a bit, its volumed a bit to low in my oppinion. But it gets slightly better thruout the song.

    Then the track slowly chills down to the break, and what a masterpeace Daniel has made here. This is one (if not) the best breaks ive heard all year! Starts of with the typical strong sounding pad with a slightly noticeble "angel" sound in the background. Toghther with the deepbassline, the sound is a peace of beauty and gives me goosebumps every time. Then with a great "kickexplosion" comes one of the best melodies this year, althoug I imagine it could have been even better if he had gone a bit higher some places, hard to explain what I visualize in my head. But a bit differnt to make it even better. And the sound DK got out of the synth on this track is magnificent. Reminds me of those action/war movies (The Rock etc.) sounds. Massivly impressive for me! Builds up great like a classic trance track and the melody goes on and starts back up again with the amasing synth later on. And still the "angel" sound is in the background and makes a great difference in the sound experience.

    So it breaks down with a good outro melody. And i love the little chords he has in the background of the melody every 8 beats. Fits well together.

    To summen up. A massivly impressive remix from Daniel. Defenently his best production yet in my mind. But still missing a bit more rolling bassline to make it even more uplifting (even tho the remix says "emotional"), and a slightly softer and more wet kick. But a massive synth sound and really impressive melody. A great perc work if you look away from the clap. So due to the massivly impressive synth sound and melody, this makes a 9.5/10 for me.
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    amazing track

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