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Thread: Learning to build up a set

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    Learning to build up a set

    Hi, i hope this is the right place to post this.

    I'm trying to learn how to build up a set and i wondering if any dj's out there would have a listen to a short mix i've made and possibly give me some feedback..

    I.e. are the tunes i picked good (or too bland), is the mixing too short, is it too off key etc... or do u like it

    It's got a progressive feel to it and a lower bpm.

    It's uploaded to zippyshare, so, u can listen to it without downloading by clicking play to listen to the sample -> - learning.mp3

    And the short tracklist is as follows ->

    01 - sunlounger - another day on the terrace (intro)
    02 - Cressida - 6am (kyu and albert remix)
    03 - jon O'bir - do it again (dunderstadt progressive mix)
    04 - Waterspark - fairway (mat zo remix)
    05 - Jochen millar vs mark sherry - lost within a star (dj pitch + Xijaro mashup)

    All comments are greatly appreciated, good or bad.

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    mixed with what? ::

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    first track was too short...only 3 minutes and transition didn't work too well you picked the wrong spot to cue it in
    the rest worked better...but sequence of track styles is not to my personal liking...having said that is all a matter of personal choice...what you like
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    Thx for the input I didn't expect anyone to reply. I'm using mixmeister (program) atm dfx, but i'll be investing in cdj's probably in the future and a decent mixer..
    I used to own a pair of vestax decks and a numark mixer, and a decent collection of records (uplifting and hard trance), but i sold them a while ago, and to be honest i really miss mixing now..

    I know using programs to mix, could be classed by some peeps as not really mixing properly, but hey, it passes the time untill i can afford some new equiptment.
    I'm going to install "reason" also, and spend a bit of spare time on it.

    Thank-you t4e for your comment, when i listen to the mix, i guess i could have dropped the 2nd tune in a bit later on in a better spot..

    I only have a small library of tunes I reset my comp recently and forgot to back-up a couple of files which held some of my fav tunes... So i'm limited to what i can mix with untill i build up my library of 320's again..

    I normally prefer harder and a more uplifting kind of trance (peak time stuff)...

    When i get more tunes gathered, i'll post another mix some time, a longer set.
    Thx for your input once again.

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    it would be cool if you learn the "key-mixing" basics,it's very easy,adn the transitions will be smoother.....
    agree with t4e,you picked the wrong spot to cue it in,but it's cool anyway !!!
    keep working ;)
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    for some reason i don't find the first transition that bad... melody of 6am kicks in exactly when melody of the terrace tune ends, and it's in key too. of course you could also leave more room between the two, or otherwise make them overlap, which might also be good, but that's a matter of taste. second transition sounds fine too. of course you can and should try different approaches and see how you like each one, to find the best one in the end... ::

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    Ummm ... okay ... if you all dont kill me ... I can make a _dare_ and post a mix of 4 tracks punched together in a s/w that I used to listen while going to factory every morning on the highway.


    Its about 28 minutes ... and with full lengths.

    /me runs!

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    I found this - >
    I see what u mean by mixing in key, i normally try to do it by ear, this chart will make things easier

    Once i build up my library again, i'll post a set. I'll make it more uplifting for ya's.
    Thx again for the tips.

    DhumKetu, do u want these songs mixed, or u have them already mixed yourself ? i'm not sure ?
    But if u post the full song names, i'll find them and try to mix for u for driving to work

    I have all nyctalopia remixes, u like onova remix or original ?

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    Have already mixed them for my listening ease actually

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    Aaaah, ok.

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