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Thread: Alucard - Animal [Insatiable] // Review

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    Alucard - Animal [Insatiable] // Review

    Peter McCowan aka Alucard is probably one of the finest progressive trance producers out there. He has releases out on labels such as Somatic Sense, MPFS and Solaris and a discography with countless remixes. He is now making his debut on Insatiable Records with a bit of an unique production that is worlds apart from the previously released material on the label.

    The kick and percussion is sounding a lot like something you will find in most progressive house productions today. The track starts to build and a guitar makes an entrance. This tune samples Def Leppards 80's classic "Animal" and the vocals suddenly hits you. It seems awkward to fuse a cheesey 80's rock tune with progressive house/trance but Alucard got away with it succesfully. The chord progression is quite enjoyable and that big heavy melody puts a smile on my face.

    There is no doubt that this tune has a very commercial "pop" sound to it but the production itself is flawless. Interesting release from Insatiable Records.

    Check out samples on his myspace: - Alucard/Peter M - CA - Electronica / House / Progressive -

    In stores now:
    Dance and Trance Downloads - Audiojelly Dance Music Download Site

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    BTW. Alucard - Love that Song also popyyy and mau5yyyyyyyyy.

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