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Thread: Lost Witness vs. Sassot - Sin Mas

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    Lost Witness vs. Sassot - Sin Mas

    The newest Fenology release is now exclusively available on CDJshop and Beatport!

    After various Trance bullseyes over the years, Lost Witness is back with his first release on Fenology Records! This time he teams up with Sassot (previous Fenology release "Suddenly"), and what they worked out together is a high quality uplifting pounder that will stay in your mind for a long time. Combining a massive production essence with soft-weight guitar and string sounds, they tried to add something new to the Trance style that we all know too good - and boy, they did not fail!

    Have a listen and also enjoy the creative remix from Fenology youngster Chapter XJ, who seems to love some Trance'n Roll!

    - (CD)
    - (Download)
    [Full releasedate (iTunes, Trackitdowm, Juno Download etc.) will be October 27th, 2008]

    Supported by:
    Paul van Dyk, Judge Jules, Mark Eteson, Aly & Fila, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Andrew Parsons, Woody van Eyden, Daniel Kandi, Tom Colontonio and many more...

    Quotes/Reviews (selection):
    Mark Eteson: “Both mixes are class!!! 8/10”
    Daniel Kandi: “Supporting the Chapter XJ Remix. Brilliant tune with a gorgeous beach-feel in the breakdown!”
    Andrew Parsons: “Amazing release here, Sassot and Lost Witness never disappoint! and the new kid's on the remix, was perfect!!”
    Dimitri Kechagias (Flux bpm on the move, Greece):
    “Powerful emotional driving trancer with the best rock break in a trance track. A superbly crafted break with the best guitar solo and a build up that certainly will travel anyone into another summery dimension. A big tune out from Ibiza that in it´s original mix is more proggy and slow paced so certainly need the aid of a more banging mix. Chapter XJ pushed the track to the limit and produced a remix that proves what a big talent he is. He transformed this proggy beauty into an uplifting stormer with again a lovely rocky break that gives that live feeling into that perfect piece of electronic music. To put it shorty: Its Pure Quality! 10/10, Full radio push and support in my radio shows.”

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    Both mixes are good! Love that guitar..
    Stealing Aga <3

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    Glad you like it!
    The tune's also recently picked up by Matt Darey, Jon O'Bir, Mark Pledger, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Marcos and others!

    Great to see the broad acceptance of this release! Paul van Dyk even played both mixes of it!

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