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Thread: Mr. Pit vs. Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson - These Shanas (Marteed Resch Second Bootleg)

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    Mr. Pit vs. Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson - These Shanas (Marteed Resch Second Bootleg)

    What do you think about this??

    7:39 | 17,5 Mb | 320 kbps - Mr. Pit vs. Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson ...
    now Marteed Resch

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    Loving this mate, cracking work! Supported in my latest demo
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    now Marteed Resch

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    totally great! love it man!
    good job!

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    sweet track

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    I don't really like it.. There is potential but the way the mashup is mixed is a bit so so in my opinion... The vocals might fit but the way you have mashed this it sounds not well.. the volume on the vocals of 'these shoulders' is so low you can't almost hear them at all.. In that way they also create a really clashy feeling, almost like a radio is playing in the background.. My advise would be to make let the vocals prime in this track, they have to be way louder.. lower the sound levels on shana a bit and you'll see it will sound a lot better..

    for the rest it's pretty ok

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