Cobalt Recordings’ DJ Jakub drops a new collection of tracks entitled “Lost Luggage”, somewhere in-between genres of tech house, progressive house, and techno. Jakub’s eclectic taste and influence are clearly displayed on this release, the track “Wildcard” proves to be a wildcard with a guitar backed melody and old school stabs. It has a nice slick breakdown with a hard synthline that’s getting a good response. “Daydream” is a tech-y track with a dreamy melody that again grooves on the floor as much as it does in radio broadcasts. “Leaving Playa D’en Bossa” makes you regret you are leaving Ibiza, with it has a filtered vocal sample and synth melody and airplane noise thrown in for good measure. And the last track on the EP “Warehouse” is a house banger, and a slight ode to the old school, to be played at a warehouse around 2 am with volume around 10 (but please no redlining).

[Cobalt 064] DJ Jakub – Lost Luggage EP

1. DJ Jakub – Wildcard Preview
2. DJ Jakub – Daydream Preview
3. DJ Jakub – Leaving Playa D’en Bossa Preview
4. DJ Jakub – Warehouse Preview

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