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Thread: trance tunes and their "keys"

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    trance tunes and their "keys"

    Hi, i was wondering if anybody has or knows if there is a list somewhere of top trance tunes which also includes the tunes key..

    I mean like this -->

    mungo - surrounding me (original mix) - B m
    waterspark - fairway (original mix) - E m
    ascension - someone (signum vocal mix) - F#m
    solarstone - spectrum (duderstadt remix) - G m

    I'm searching for tunes mainly which are "E m" , "F#m" and "C m" and are around 133bpm-137bpm.

    Tunes which are in the style of, well, uplifting.

    all posts welcome

    (i'm kinda stuck building a set because my library is still quite small )

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    there is a software which can analyze the tunes and spit out the key, afaik it's a java software and spits out the key in the camelot scheme ( i know someone who might know more
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    Just check out this website: MixShare

    The java program dfx is talking about, a huge database where you can find the key of certain tracks, and lots of other stuff about harmonic mixing

    Btw, the software is the most accurate one, but the chance it finds the correct key is "only" about 70 % so you shouldn't solely rely on it

    EDIT: You can choose whether you want the software to show the keycode (1A, 10B, ...) or the "real" key.
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    Rofl at the pic

    I should have added that mixmeister already gives me the key of tunes..

    What i'm really searching for.. are the names of great tunes which are in the keys -- > "E m" , "F#m" and "C m" and are around 133bpm-137bpm.

    It's just taking me ages to find good tunes which are in those keys and around that speed..
    i've spent a small fortune on various sites , trackitdown, djdownload etc..

    It takes soo long to build up a library.
    Anyone have a list maybes for me ?

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    aaahh, thx andy m8, it's a step in the right direction. cheers.

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    maybe try not to concentrate on key tooooo much. in-key mixing sure makes great transitions, but IMO it limits your choice too much, sometimes it's better to just ignore the key and instead do the transition differently to avoid the collision ::

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    I do that, drops, dramatic effects, dropping the bass out etc, i just have a limited libray still.. and need a few tunes to fill the gaps.
    with a'ndy's link, now all i have to do is find the names of great tunes..

    It'll take me a while, but will be easier to search now as i can check tunes key's online without downloading them first.
    Just type in the name thx again for da help.

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    9A = E minor

    Airbase - Escape (Original Mix) 9A 135.mp3
    Andy Moor - Halcyon (Original Mix) 9A 130.mp3
    Aromabar - Winterpeagant (Nickelson Remix) 9A 132.mp3
    Ben Brown - Love And Solace (Topher Jones Remix) 9A 134.mp3
    Blank & Jones - Watching The Waves (Ambient Mix) 9A.mp3
    Cliff Coenraad - Manjula (Original Mix) 9A 138.mp3
    Dave202 - Rain Against Her (Neal Scarborough Remix) 9A 141.mp3
    Deep Voices - Alone Again (Original Mix) 9A 138.mp3
    DJ Tatana vs. The Mystery - Soul Cry (Sam Sharp Remix) 9A 136.mp3
    Dogzilla - Without You (Original Mix) 9A 139.mp3
    Duende - Ilimitado (Stoneface & Terminal Mix) 9A 138.mp3
    Elizabeth Fields - Speaking In Sympathy (Original Solar Stone Mix) 9A 130.mp3
    Filo and Peri feat. Fisher - Ordinary Moment (Breakfast and Big Mike Mix) 9A 134.mp3
    Flutlicht - Das Siegel (Original Mix) 9A 143.mp3
    Gareth Emery - More Than Everything (Gareth Emery's Five AM Remix) 9A 135.mp3
    John Huijbers - The Day Before (Stealth Remix) 9A 137.mp3
    Lamb - Gorecki (Mike EFEX Remix) 9A 128.mp3
    Leon Bolier and Sied van Riel - Two (That Mix) 9A 133.mp3
    Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill - No Need To Come Back (Vocal Mix) 9A 133.mp3
    LNQ - Tired (Original Mix) 9A 135.mp3
    Lustral - Because Of You (Noel Sanger Remix) 9A 127.mp3
    Marco V - False Light (Ton T.B. Remix) 9A 140.mp3
    Marco V - Red Blue Purple (Original Mix) 9A 134.mp3
    Marco V and Sander van Doorn - Organic (Original Mix) 9A 131.mp3
    Marcus Schössow - Deconheartstruction (Original Mix) 9A 121.mp3
    Mat Zo - Faint Of Heart (Original Mix) 9A 132.mp3
    Miika Kuisma - One Step Behind Mankind (Original Mix) 9A 125.mp3
    Mind X - Sensation Seekers (Martin Roth NuStyle Remix) 9A 128.mp3
    Moonforce and Mark Versluis feat. Sunstate - Forgotten Freedom (Sequentia Remix) 9A 137.mp3
    Nic Chagall - What You Need (Marco V Remix) 9A 134.mp3
    Niklas Harding feat. Arcane - Ice Beach (Original Mix) 9A 132.mp3
    Niklas Harding feat. Arcane - Red Juwel (Original Mix) 9A 132.mp3
    Nu-NRG - Last Experience (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix) 9A 141.mp3
    Oliver Prime - Radiance (Original Mix) 9A 136.mp3
    Özgür Can & Dumb Dan - Bloody Mary (Original Mix) 9A 128.mp3
    Parker and Hanson - Let Me Be (Vocal Mix) 9A 132.mp3
    Paul Webster - Corruption (Original Mix) 9A 140.mp3
    Progresia - Tears Behind Sunglasses (Original Mix) 9A 128.mp3
    Purple Mood - One Night In Tokyo (Above & Beyond Remix) 9A 135.mp3
    Purple Mood - One Night In Tokyo (DJ Shah's Savanah Remix) 9A 135.mp3
    Rah - Pole Position (Airbase Remix) 9A 135.mp3
    RMB feat. Talla 2XLC - Spring 2003 (Rochus Vocalized Clubmix) 9A 135.mp3
    Robert Nickson - Motion Blur (Original Mix) 9A 138.mp3
    Ronski Speed - All The Way (Original Mix) 9A 134.mp3
    Sam Sharp vs. Ron Van Beuken - Twister (Original Mix) 9A 140.mp3
    Sam Sharp vs. Ron Van Beuken - Twister (Sam Sharp Mix) 9A 140.mp3
    Sander van Doorn - King Of My Castle (SvD Original) 9A 134.mp3
    Simon Patterson - F16 (Original Mix) 9A 138.mp3
    Solar Force - Strange Days (Original Mix) 9A 135.mp3
    Talla 2XLC - Can You Feel The Silence (Dito Club Mix) 9A 141.mp3
    Talla 2XLC - Can You Feel The Silence (Flutlicht Remix) 9A 138.mp3
    Way Out West - Killa (Orkidea vs. Dallas Superstars Mix) 9A 135.mp3
    Wolf - Prophecy (Se.ra.phic Remix) 9A 141.mp3

    11A = F#m

    2 Players - Pitch And Shela (Original Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    Above & Beyond - Home (Above & Beyond Club Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    Ace Da Brain - Trinity (Liquid Mix) 11A 145.mp3
    Alex Losy - Never Ending Sunset (Original Mix) 11A 129.mp3
    Aly and Fila - Eye Of Horus (Ronski Speed Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    Aly and Fila - Spirit Of Ka (Club Mix) 11A 140.mp3
    Aly and Fila - Spirit Of Ka (Markus Schulz Remix) 11A 132.mp3
    Armin Van Buuren - Rush Hour (Original Mix) 11A 136.mp3
    Bissen feat. Victoria Jane - Melting (Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b Woody Van Eyden Remix) 11A 138.mp3
    Carl B pres. Khensu - Chasing Leaves (Original Mix) 11A 134.mp3
    DJ Eco - Light at The End (Lost World Remix) (Martin Roth Edit) 11A 140.mp3
    DJ Tiesto - Forever Today (Album Version) 11A 137.mp3
    DJ Tiësto feat. Joanne Lloyd - Sweet Misery (Album Version) 11A.mp3
    Elles De Graaf - Circles Of Why (Astura Remix) 11A 140.mp3
    Elles De Graaf - Circles Of Why (Greg Murray Remix) 11A 140.mp3
    Elles De Graaf - Circles Of Why (Robert Gitelman Remix) 11A 138.mp3
    EnMass - CQ (Seek You [Original Mix]) 11A 140.mp3
    EnMass - CQ (Seek You [Randy Boyer and Kristina Sky Remix]) 11A 135.mp3
    Falkon + Fairlite - Moonfish (Michael Dow Remix) 11A 140.mp3
    Falkon + Fairlite - Moonfish (Peter Dafnous Remix) 11A 137.mp3
    Faraway Project - Radiate (Mystery Islands Remix) 11A 138.mp3
    Fast Distance - Heavens Melody (Original Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    Fire & Ice - Para Siempre (Original Mix) 11A 134.mp3
    Firewall - Sincere (Lange Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    First State - Sierra Nevada (Original Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    First State feat. Elliot Johns - Your Own Way (First State's Analog Reconstruction) 11A 132.mp3
    Galen Behr vs. Hydroid - Shift Of The Ages (Hydroid Remix) 11A 136.mp3
    Heatbeat - Protoculture (Randy Boyer Remix) 11A 135.mp3
    Heatbeat - Push Over (Original Mix) 11A 130.mp3
    Heatbeat vs. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Katie Marne - Protospirit (Designed For Xcellence Mashup) 11A 130.mp3
    Hydroid - Sonate (Original Mix) 11A 130.mp3
    Kamil Polner - Deflector (Original Mix) 11A 140.mp3
    Lange feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Sincere For You (Thrillseekers Remix) 11A 138.mp3
    Lange presents Firewall - Sincere (Pulser Remix) 11A 138.mp3
    M.I.K.E. - Changes R Good (Maintro Mix) 11A 128.mp3
    Marcus Schössow - Chase My Rabbit (Original Mix) 11A 127.mp3
    Mark Eteson - Dynamic Stability (Frase Rework) 11A 140.mp3
    Menno de Jong feat. Re-Locate - Solid State (Intuition Summer Event Theme 007) 11A 140.mp3
    Michael Badal & Zya - Legato (Opus Intro Mix) 11A 131.mp3
    Michael Cassette - David (Original Mix) 11A 122.mp3
    Niklas Harding & Red Shift - Pagoda (Leon Bolier Remix) 11A 138.mp3
    Odyssee - 2Morrow (Original Mix) 11A 137.mp3
    Orjan - Soulflayer (Original Mix) 11A 140.mp3
    Paul Van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The Other Side (Deep Dish Mix) 11A 128.mp3
    Plastic Angel - Try Walking In My World (Daniel Kandi New Rising Mix) 11A 136.mp3
    Rank1 - It´s Up To You (Symsonic [Dub Vocal Mix]) 11A 138.mp3
    Ronski Speed with Stoneface and Terminal - Drowning Sunlight (Vocal Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    Saint Rush - Burning Red Skies (Original Mix) 11A 140.mp3
    Sean Tyas presents Logistic - One More Night Out (Original Mix) 11A 140.mp3
    Signalrunners - Corrupted (Original Mix) 11A 138.mp3
    Silver Mist - Silver Rain (Eddie Sender Remix) 11A 138.mp3
    Simon Patterson - Bulldozer (Original Mix) 11A 140.mp3
    Simon Patterson - Us (Paul Miller Mix) 11A 141.mp3
    Solar Stone vs. Scott Bond - Naked Angel (Jussi Polet Remix) 11A 136.mp3
    Sunblind - Believe (Nu-NRG Remix) 11A 140.mp3
    Terry Bones feat. Fred Baker pres. Waterplanet - Return To Innocence (Mr Sam's Tears In Heaven Interpretation) 11A 138.mp3
    The Freak pres. Exo - Above The Clouds (Original Mix) 11A 140.mp3
    Wippenberg - Promisedland (Original Mix) 11A 132.mp3
    Woody van Eyden - Unfinished Symphoniy (Funaki Remix) 11A 140.mp3

    5A = C m

    4 Strings - Catch A Fall (Club Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Adam Nickey - Never Gone (Original Mix - Above & Beyond Respray) 5A 135,9.mp3
    Adam White - Never Tell What You Think (Paul Kershaw Remix) 5A 138.mp3
    Aled Mann - Cause And Effect (Original Mix) 5A 140.mp3
    Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Rank1 - Life Less Ordinary (A Less Ordinary Rank1 Mix) 5A 132.mp3
    Altitude - Silence Is Loud (Neo & Farina Remix) 5A 137.mp3
    Arctic Quest - Strings & Guitars (Original Mix) 5A 135.mp3
    Armin Van Buuren - Communication Part 3 (Original Mix) 5A 136.mp3
    BACED! vs. Ace's Delight - Witness (Original Mix) 5A 140.mp3
    Ben Gold - 10.4 (Original Mix) 5A 140.mp3
    Blue Foundation - Sweep (Carl B Remix) 5A 132.mp3
    Cape Town - Metaphorique (Ferry Tayle Neverending Story Mix) 5A 136.mp3
    Castaneda - Floor Control (John Askews 5am Gallery Mix) 8A 138.mp3
    Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren - Light The Skies (Original Mix) 5A 126.mp3
    Dave202 - Torrent (Leon Bolier Remix) 5A 135.mp3
    Dave202 - Torrent (Original Mix) 5A 140.mp3
    David & Carr - Cypress (Original Mix) 5A 135.mp3
    DJ Tiesto feat. JES - Everything (Original Mix) 5A 135.mp3
    DJ Tiësto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Mark Norman Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    DJ Tiësto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Original 12- Version) 5A 136.mp3
    DJ Vincenzo vs. Cor Fijneman - A New World (Original Mix) 5A 137.mp3
    Duderstadt - Mahananda (Mystery Islands Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Duderstadt - Muhanjala (Original Mix) 5A 132.mp3
    Duderstadt - Muhanjala (Sean Tyas Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    Duderstadt and Kirsty Hawkshaw - Beatitude (Markus Schössow Remix) 5A 132.mp3
    Duderstadt and Kirsty Hawkshaw - Beatitude (Mat Zo Remix) 5A 132.mp3
    Epic Sun - Celestial (Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    Estuera - Red Shores (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Faraway Project - Without Fear (Goldenscan's Close To Home Remix) 5A 139.mp3
    Ferry Corsten - Sweet Sorrow (Thrillseekers Remix) 5A 138.mp3
    First State - Evergreen (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Flutlicht - Ahmea (Original Mix) 5A 141.mp3
    Flutlicht - Mutterkorn (Original Mix) 5A 143.mp3
    Funabashi pres. Saltwater - The Legacy 2.0 (Alphazone Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    Glenn Morrison - Rubberband (Original Mix) 5A 126.mp3
    Hammer & Bennett - Language (Santiago Nino Dub Tech Mix) 5A 130.mp3
    Heatbeat - Nebula (Original Mix) 5A 130.mp3
    Hidden Logic pres. Luminary - Wasting (Andy Moor Mix) 5A 130.mp3
    Hidden Logic pres. Luminary - Wasting (Original Mix) 5A 130.mp3
    Hidden Logic presents Luminary - Wasting (Ronski Speed Remix) 5A 138.mp3
    Icone meets Static Blue - The Fall (Matti Kotala Remix) 5A 138.mp3
    J. - Breaking The Silence (Original Mix) 5A 130.mp3
    Jerry Ropero feat. Cozi - The Storm (Inpetto Remix) 5A 128.mp3
    Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene - Fall To Pieces (Original Mix) 5A 132.mp3
    Joni - Things I Never Tell You (Signalunners Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    Jose Zamora & Damian DP - Transatlantic (Andy Moor Remix) 5A 130.mp3
    Kamil Polner - Earth Protector (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Kimito Lopez vs. Octagen - Something With The Stars (Original Mix) 5A 140.mp3
    Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Reasons To Forgive (The Blizzard Remix) 5A 128.mp3
    LNQ - People I Used To Know (LNQ Jubilee Remix) 5A 132.mp3
    Lost Witness feat. Tiff Lacey - Home (Mike Shiver Catching Sun Remix) 5A 138.mp3
    Lustral - The Price We Pay For Love (Flash Brothers Remix) 5A 128.mp3
    Marcos - Around In Circles (Part Two) 5A 137,9.mp3
    Mark Norman - Brasilia (Album Version) 5A 140.mp3
    Mark Norman - Overkill (Album Version) 5A 140.mp3
    Mark Norman - Teardrops (Album Version) 5A 136.mp3
    Mark Norman - Touch Down (Album Version) 5A 140.mp3
    Markus Schulz feat. Departure - Cause U Know (Nic Chagall Remix) 5A 135.mp3
    Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett - Off The World (Super8 & Tab Remix) 5A 134.mp3
    Max Graham feat. Jessica Jacobs - I Know You're Gone (Original Mix) 5A 130.mp3
    Michael Dow - Apex (Original Mix) 5A 137.mp3
    Misja Helsloot feat. Linn - Out Of Hand (Robert Nickson Dub) 5A 140.mp3
    Mr. Sam - Lyteo (Rank1 Remix) 5A 138.mp3
    Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge pres. Chapter G8 - State Of Mind (Original Mix) 5A 136.mp3
    Oliver Prime - Hesitated (Original Mix) 5A 132.mp3
    Out Of The Past - Mystery (Fred Baker vs. Vincent Gorczak Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    Paul van Dyk and Starkillers and Austin Leeds feat. Ashley Tomberlin - New York City (Long Version) 5A 135,2.mp3
    Push - Electronic Eclipse (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Rachael Starr - To Forever (Moonbeam Remix) 5A 129.mp3
    ReLocate vs. Estuera - Palma Solane (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Riley & Durrant - Neon Eyes (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Robert Gitelman and Michael Tsukerman - Bolivia (Onova Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    Robert Vadney feat. RoseBleed - Sadness In Disguise (Original Mix) 5A 133.mp3
    Ron Van Den Beuken - Sunset (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix) 5A 140.mp3
    Santiago Nino - Clairvoyant (Original Mix) 5A 136.mp3
    Santiago Nino and Giuseppe Ottaviani - Beyond Your Thoughts (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    Santiago Nino and Giuseppe Ottaviani - Beyond Your Thoughts (Progressive Mix) 5A 130.mp3
    Sebastian Brandt - Technology (Daniel Kandi's Darker Remix) 5A 139.mp3
    Solid Globe - Crystal Water (Woken [Original Mix]) 5A 138.mp3
    Stefan Cambridge - Enya (Mystery Islands Remix) 5A 138.mp3
    Steve Birch - Amnesia (Original Mix) 5A 135.mp3
    Svenson & Gielen - Answer The Question (Original Mix) 5A 138.mp3
    The Blizzard - Kalopsia (Mark Otten Energetic Mix) 5A 135.mp3
    Van Riel & Huinink - Minimal Symphony (Original Mix) 5A 133.mp3

    Didn't care about the BPM, would've taken too much time to sort those which are too fast / slow out

    I hope you're gonna buy them and support the producers :smile1:
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    That's exactly what i was looking for. thank-you very much m8

    some great producers in that list..
    omg, thx again

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    yes, yes, i buy. trackitdown, audiojelly, djdownload..

    Not beatport tho.. they have restrictions on releases in certain countries.
    They lose my money because of that.

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    Hope it helps :smile1: And like I said, I hope you're gonna buy at least some of them, don't wanna provide a list for illegal downloading
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    I have some money saved up to build a good library, its quicker and easier searching and downloading from trackitdown etc.

    I used to buy records a few years back, they cost around £6 to £10 each..

    £1 or so for a 320kbp fast download is cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roysie View Post
    I have some money saved up to build a good library, its quicker and easier searching and downloading from trackitdown etc.

    I used to buy records a few years back, they cost around £6 to £10 each..

    £1 or so for a 320kbp fast download is cheap
    Yep, totally agree with you (even though I buy WAVs, but I'm a mad nutty guy, so .... ).

    Good to know you support the producers, hope the list helps you a bit to pick only the best tunes :smile1:
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    Hey another thing that might help, is to look up a song youre curious about on youtube, then you can copy the URL of that into, which will allow you to dl it in probably a crappy quality. you might have to convert this file to mp3 (not sure) but then you can load it into MixedInKey and see wether or not it fits your key/bpm before you go and buy it. kind of a long process but it beats doin a hit and miss. hope it helps!

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    Thx for the tip squeekz, i trawl youtube now and then for tunes, it actually comes in very handy...
    Yes a long process tho. I think i'll just have to bide my time and build up a belter of a library the long way..
    Listening to show's here and asot etc (as long as there are tracklists).

    In time i'll have enough tunes in all keys for some amazin sets.

    Thx for the help tho

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