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Thread: Dark Sky (Original Mix)

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    Dark Sky (Original Mix)

    hay all i want to present my latest track in full lenght and quality for free

    tell me hat u think, and feel free to share it

    link to track:

    best regards.
    Michae/ G-Sky,

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    i feel mastering could need some more work, but could be just me... most striking is that the snare seems to be a bit off from the bass kick (most audible in intro), sounds like it's offbeat when mixing two tracks... other than that really nice stuff, great quality production, wtg ::

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    Big fan of your work, grabbing this
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    thanks forr that guys, i know that is this tune its not very quality (i still working on my own style).

    lazarus one quest. if u maby in hear future vill play some my track in Live can u record it on video?

    thanks again and

    Have a nice day

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