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Thread: Kyau & Albert + Ronski Speed @ Webster Hall on Nov. 1 2008

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    Kyau & Albert + Ronski Speed @ Webster Hall on Nov. 1 2008

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    im SOOOO sad this is the day after armin and the same day as JP---if I have the energy...Im TOTALLY going to this

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    I missed IT!!!!!

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    omg this show was INSANE!!!

    my take ;)

    What a great great great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so exhausted from Armin that I was seriously doubting myself!! I took the ride back to NY with like 4 cans of red bull by my side!!

    Have no fear though- it was IMPOSSIBLE to stay tired once the show started!! Dany Veltri opened up and gave us some nice progressive beats to start and slowly brought us all up to speed. Once Kyau & Albert came on I was definitely ready! Those boys can definitely rock a room!!! Ralph (Kyau) was so incredibly into the show it would have seemed ILLEGAL not to jump around with him!! Steven (Albert) was a very intense DJ...I found myself staring waiting for a came...He just looked up and you could tell- he was just patiently waiting for this right here he smiled so BIG and just rocked out! (if Im not mistaken that was around the time they dropped 6am...? but honestly, I was SO into the set that the tracks and when they were dropped are all jumbled in my head now!)

    There was a lot to look forward too still, though....Ronski!! He dropped radio crash- which for me, was my first (finally) time to hear it in a club!! I was in HEAVEN!! Everything from Satellite, Big Sky, All the Way, These Shoulders, In and Out of Love. We of course got to listen to New York City and Silence. I think I regrettibly missed Alone Tonight on a much needed bathroom/water break Space We Are...cant go wrong...I love that tune...I love it even more when Ronski is playing...LOL...One song I really really wanted to hear, though, that we didnt- was Ronski's remix of Renegade. Its a newly discovered remix for me and I would have probably lost my shit if it was played...But alas, it wasnt. Next time The ONLY thing this event was damn elyse!! I need to win lotto so we can stop this silly working thing...

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