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Thread: mp 11 stream not working.

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    mp 11 stream not working.

    I've been looking in the forums for any help with listening to AH on media player 11. Mine does not work and asks me to save a file when i click on icon 192k etc.
    So i listen via web based player instead, but would prefer mp 11.

    Does any know a fix?
    I am thinking of uninstalling mp11 - but what would happen to my laptop if i do this, as this is the default media player - does anyone know?
    I will give it a couple of days/week before i decide on uninstalling as a last resort.

    Maybe there is a simple step that i cant see.

    any advice welcome


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    and why don't you wanna save it?

    i use winamp and i have my tune in links saved, that way i don't have to go to the website if i can't do so for some reason.

    having said that when you click on the 192 it opens a window and asks if you wanna save or open the file

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