Hey guys,

new uplifting trance treatment especially for those of you who enjoyed my "BLUE" and "RED" mixes.
ADVENTUROUS is designed to put you in a mental cliffhanger. Happy and go-ahead passages (as in Mike Shiver's Catching Sun remix for George Acosta's "TRUST") alternate with threatening and aggressive parts (as in Bennison's psy-monster "Spirit Chamber"). Close your eyes, take the challenge and afterwards tell me: How did YOUR journey end?


01. Ferry Tayle - Revanche (Karybde & Scylla Intro Remix) [Camouflage]
02. George Acosta - Trust (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Remix) [Grooveman]
03. Marc Sixma - Visionary (Re:Locate Remix) [ITWT]
04. Nicholas Bennison - Spirit Chamber [Propulsion]
05. Arcane Science - Twisted Intent (Mike Koglin Remix) [Noys Music]
06. Re:Locate feat. Menno De Jong - Spirit (Paul Miller 2008 Rework) [Intuition]
07. Orjan - Soulflayer [Intuition]
08. Dave 202 - Pictures In My Mind [Captivating]
09. Talla2XLC vs. Carl B. feat. Katie Marne - Giving Up, Giving In (Sean Tyas Remix) [Tetsuo]
10. Mekk - Save Your Soul (Dark Dub) [Discover Dark]

Download HERE.

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