DJ Name: Adam Von Volterock
How long you have been a DJ: It has fluctuated over time so I guess about 3 or 4 years in all.
Style of music played: I love all types of EDM but right now I'm into the progressive trance/house/techno that's being released. Some of the electro is still alright.
Bio: I'm mostly a producer but lately I've been trying to do more DJ'ing. I've been at it for a few years.
I've always been a fan of electronic music since I was a little kid. I love the people it brings together. It unites us and makes us family I love going to an event and seeing old friends and meeting a ton of knew people and then going from stage to stage together or just chilling at the club. It's an adventure every time.

I don't expect this to get any air play. There's a lot of classic songs in here as well as some semi-knew tracks. I made it originally for people who dont' know anything about EDM. When I meet someone like this I give them this mix as an entry way into electronic music (a lot of people here in the U.S. still have no clue). I'm working on an IDM mix at the moment. I'm trying to make a mix for each genre to help spread EDM. I guess you can think of it as what would happen if Ishkur made some remixes if you will.


1. Lustral - A Quiet Revolution (Michael Badal Remix) vs. Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the sky vs. Laava - Wherever You Are (I Feel Love) vs. Madelyne - Beautiful Child (A Deeper Love)
2. Andrew K Leoni - Next to Me (JohanVermeuien Dub) vs. Max Hall - Joel Armstrong - Silver Moon (Derek Howell Remix) vs. Snap - Rythm is a Dancer vs. Paul Van Dyke - For an Angel
3. Deadmau5 - Arguru
4. Elevation - Blinding Truth
5. Adymus - A Place Not Far
6. Tilt - The World Doesn't Know
7. Olive - You're Not Alone (ATB remix) vs. Lasgo - Something
8. Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Greg Downey Remix) vs. The ThrillSeekers - Synaesthesia vs. Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound of Goodbye vs. Sasha - Xpander
9. Tiesto - Just Be Feat. Kirsty Kawkshaw (Antillas Club Mix) vs. Brother Brown - Under the Water (starecase Remix) vs. DJ Encore - Is See Right Through To You
10. DJ Acid - Cafe Del Mar feat. Energy 52 (Center Group Mix)
11. Richard Durand - Sunhump 2006
12. Cara Dillon 2Devine - Black is the Colour (Coco Green Remix) vs. DJ Acid - Cafe Del Mar feat. Energy 52 (Center Group Mix) vs. BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Breaktek Mix) vs. DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do - Heaven (Anastasia Remix)
13. Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Sean Tyas Remix) vs. Voodoo & Serano - Blood is Pumpin vs. Plummet / Plumb - Damaged (Ford's Trancendental Radio Edit)
14. Activa - Genetic (original airflow mix)
15. Extreme Trax - So Lonely
16. Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World vs. Nick Sentience, Mike Loney - Corona
17. Wizzy Noise - Different Thought vs. Markus Schulz - Fly To Colors (Signalrunners Remix)
18. Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Sean Tyas Remix) vs. Bt - Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved) (Mark Norman Remix)
19. DJ Eco - Light At The End (Martin Roth Edit) vs. Foggy - Come...