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Thread: AH.FM Music Style Guide

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    Hello mate, thank you for your message, this is a very vague genre topic, I have to agree with you that indeed the music style of Trance has changed in last years, more different melodies have merged, and naming it still Trance is the wrong path. These days it's DJs job to select the tracks that reflect their own style of play, yes few DJs have changed their styles and hence we had to the the precaution and remove them from the station.

    It's very hard to keep sets 100% Trance these days, as tracks are labeled wrong on many different release sites, the core problem is that they are mislabeled, giving Trance genre a bad name to the new comers, making them think this is what Trance music really sounds like. We do our best here on grounds where we have control, to make sure the DJs we accept make Trance music/sets, this is the first thing we look at, if over time their style changed we notify them, reminding them that AH.FM is a Trance & Progressive station. We can't really tell anyone what to to play, it's their choice, AH.FM has world's biggest DJs, many of the names recently are moving back to the Trance sound that it used to be so I'm happy about that.

    If there are any specific DJs which you or anyone reading this forum you think does not fit the station please email us please bare in mind full privacy is in effect, your emails will be safe and not shared anywhere.

    Thank you mate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    In other words, we do not want:
    • Psytrance, goa
    Shouldn't this be updated? Either psytrance is, in fact, okay (yay!) or Marcus Schössow is not the only exception to the style guide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post

    • Psytrance, goa


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