[SubSensory 009.5] DJ Jakub - Out Of Here Remix EP w/Roman Zawodny, Lilroj, Jak

SubSensory 009.5- Features 4 remixes of Dj Jakub's Out of Here EP, each with a different flavor of funk. LilRoj's mix is a hardminimal techno banger, great for getting the dance floor pumping. Roman Zawodny's mix brings the heat, with a fat party rocking techno jam sure to please fans of the European funky techno sound. Jak's 3AM Remix is a deeper, dub influenced tech-house tune that has been in frequent rotation throughout the NW US techno scene as of late. The fourth track finds Jack Coleman aka JAK remixing Dj Jakub's HardTime. This laid back funky tech-house treatment is perfect for those late night tech sessions.

1. Out of Here- LilRoj Rmx
2. Out of Here- Roman Zawodny Rmx
3. Out of Here- JAK-3AM Rmx
4. HardTime- JAK-3AM Rmx