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Thread: Invalid Port

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    Invalid Port

    Every time I try to start a torrent I get "Error (invalid port)" for Tracker Status (in Azureus (Vuze)
    I'm using port 53134 for both my TCP and UDP listen ports.
    Maybe it's just an issue for me but I'd really like to get a few sets (and seed them) before the torrents segment is shut down.

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    dont really know the cause of that, however torrents will be going down end of this month.
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    Which is why this is somewhat of a pressing issue for me. Torrents from anywhere else I've tried work (both private and public torrents) so I'm really at a loss here.

    Btw, I've tried other ports and they don't work either.

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    In Vuze v4.0.0.4, go to Tools->Options->Tracker->Client

    Look for the option "Do not announce the listening port to the tracker (this does not affect pex, dht)"

    UNCHECK the box.

    Hit [Save] button

    Restart Azureus (err.... Vuze).

    Works for me... Good Luck!


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