Hi This is a message from me, LULA!
How's everything in your world? What are you doing this week end?
"Do you wanna be at a release party with Lula this saturday? Then you have to come to the premiere of my new website at LULA IN THE SPEAKER - HOME - lulainthespeaker.com to celebrate the debut of my new video release for my KULT RECORDS smash "Last Night A Dj Saved My Live" (While another one gave me trouble) and be the first to hear & buy all the new and fabulous twilo mixes and the single's debut of this even bigger smash exclusively available on my website's premiere in Saturday 29th! This is the only LULA release party I support and will attend on Saturday!!!

Free acapellas giveaways in the store too!

Lest make my new site a music business infested place and co-create on beautiful new dark beats!
Love Always LULA