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    anyone here into TETRIS?

    TetriNET is a multi-user tetris game with up to 6 players in a single game.

    download the windows client here ->

    i have a server running on "" -- pick a nickname and connect there to play. you need at least two players online to play though.

    the rules are:

    • classic gameboy tetris rules: clearing 2 lines at the same time adds 1 line to everyone else, clearing 3 at the same time adds 2, and clearing 4 at the same time adds 4 lines to everyone else.
    • "special blocks": clearing a line turns a random block in your field into a random special letter block. once you clear a line with such a special block, it gets added to your inventory. you can use the specials from your inventory in order on any player in the game, including yourself. some of those actions are "good", like clearing a line or clearing the field completely (nuke), while others are bad, like adding a line to someone. press the player number (like "1") to use the first block in your inventory on somebody, or press "d" to discard it for good.
    • clearing multiple lines at the same time with special blocks in them will add the cleared blocks multiple times to your inventory.
    • game speed increases over time.
    • team play is possible - clearing multiple lines at the same time will only add lines to other players not in the same team as you. also the wins will be attributed to the team, not to the individual players.
    • special rooms are also available which special features, such as games without any special blocks (classic gameboy rules only), or rooms with only up to 2 players.

    will be glad to answer any questions about this, hoping to get some people to start playing this totally fun game
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