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Thread: Do it Again After the Sunrise (Mash-Up)

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    Do it Again After the Sunrise (Mash-Up)

    Hi Everybody!

    I just openned this thread to share a new mash-up .
    This is my first ever mash-up made...I heard this two songs and thought: yes, maybe they can blend great together.
    After that i downloaded Ableton and started playing around with it.

    This is the result!
    Its very basic and sometimes not very pulished, but please forgive me, i am a total beginner! hehe
    Of course I would like to received your feedbacks and advises to improve it. I hope this one wont be the final version! ;-)
    (Youtube quality sucks a bit)

    Thank u and hope u like it!!!

    PS: The two songs mashed-up are: :walkman:
    Jon O'Bir-Do it Again
    Amurai vs. Static Blue-After the Sunrise (Daniel Kandi's Raising mix)
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