I have finished my last only breaks promo mix for this year. Finally i can say this year wasnt so bad from the view of progressive breaks music. I mixed up some upcoming very promissing break tunes including 9b0's Antilightbulb or Helbot's Deep Inside and one of my new track called Everyday Hero with some classic tunes but the tracklist speaks itself. Any feedbacks welcome and enjoy the trip!

Apparat - Arcadia (Boys Noize Remix) [Infiné]
9b0 - Antilightbulb (Original Mix) [CDR][Glack Audio]
Helbot - Deep Inside (Original Mix) [CDR][Compsure]
Plump Djs - The Push (Original Mix) [Finger Lickin]
Retroid - Everyday Hero (Original Mix) [CDR][Egoshot]
Alex Metric - In Control (Original Mix) [LOT49]
The PQM Project - Love Of The Hour (Dan HaberNam Remix) [Abducted]
Elite Force - Melodik Hypnotik (Original 2003 Mix) [U&A]
Dan F - The Politics Of Summer (Mesmer Remix) [Glack Audio]
Hybrid - Formula Of Fear (Glenn Morrison Mix) [Distinctive]
Seth Vogt Feat. Goldillox - On Your Own (D-Lerium and Faze Remix) [M-Toxin]
Blackwatch & Greed feat. Leslie - Gentle Rain (Blackwatch Jacked Hi Mix) [Release Elements]

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