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Thread: MoodFreak - Far From You / In Your Face - AJ Chart Topper!

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    MoodFreak - Far From You / In Your Face - AJ Chart Topper!

    MoodFreak "Far From You / In Your Face" - Full Release Today!

    Having seen major support across the board and sitting pretty in the top 3 of Audiojelly for the past two weeks since its promotional release, MoodFreak’s excellent debut EP see’s its full release today.

    Backed with a stunning remix from Russian hotshot Mango, this is one progtrancer you can’t be without for the start of 09!

    P.S. vinyl sampler coming soon!

    You can get your digital copy in the following stores:
    Dance and Trance Downloads - Audiojelly Dance Music Download Site - Artist Directory - MoodFreak
    Moodfreak - Far From You MP3
    Trackitdown - Dance Music MP3/WAV/Merchandise Distribution Centre

    Feel free to visit the Enhanced homepage for the latest news
    Enhanced Recordings : Home

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    Enhanced Recordings Forum • Index page

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