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Thread: Good mixes of Andain - Beautiful Things

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    Good mixes of Andain - Beautiful Things

    im looking for good track mixes of Andain - Beautiful Things - itunes offers no variety.

    so what are the great AH remixes? and is the torrent site no more?
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    Markus Schulz Remix
    Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix
    in that order but dunno if they're great AH mixes..

    my little niece likes the Photon Project Vocal Mix the most she just said.

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    i just got Gabriel & Dresden Radio Mix off itunes. they all sounded the same.

    im looking for something with less beat and more of a progressive "cloud" sounding with little noise.

    would your niece or you know of anything like that? sort of trying to pin point something

    thanks for the list
    spontaneously present is self-liberating

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