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Thread: Evbointh - Black Stones [Red Force Recordings]

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    Evbointh - Black Stones [Red Force Recordings]

    Krzysztof Michalak aka. Evbointh made his debut last your on one of the biggest dance labels of today. Having a release on Anjunabeats did not tempt this young talent to continue to walk in his own footsteps. He surprised with his remix of "Monique" earlier this year and now he is here with his second single and this time on Red Force Recordings.

    Original Mix
    Mysterious percussion, a hard kick and some electric sounds makes out the first impression of this track. Some dark and haunting synth combinations and a bassline is your guide and takes you to a break of epic proportions. Gentle pads, a beautiful and original piano pattern builds up to the lead, which reminds me of the "old" Evbointh. The lead continues through the rest of the tune with the bassline complimenting it. A unique and playful tune with standout melodies would be a good way to describe it.

    LavKastor Remix
    Sometimes I wonder, did the remixer even like this tune? This remix does not feel rushed or uninspiring. He took some great elements from the original, added his own touch to them and combined them with a base of house/minimal sounds. This is one great mix of progressive trance and progressive house. There are a few contradictions in this remix as the bassline is filthy and electro sounding, and the pads are trancy but LavKastor made it work really well. The break in this one is to die for.

    Bissen Remix
    George Bissen from New York, US has churned out an uplifting piece of blissful trance here. Not diverting from the original theme but creating his own build up just like LavKastor. This remix is loaded with power and some rather hard hitting and raw sounds. A perfect hands-in-the-air moment when the lead is going strong and the driving bassline and kick sets in.

    It's great to see producers trying out new things and basicly evolving by using new techniques and styles. All mixes are top notch and I find it hard to pick a favourite. However, the Bissen remix is so heavy, powerful and has such a great drive which I cannot sense in the original nor the LavKastor remix.

    Links: - Red Force Recordings - Pennsylvania - Trance / Progressive / Electronica - - Evbointh - PL - Trance / Electronica / Experimental -

    Feel free to discuss and comment in this thread

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    I only like the original mix! other mixes are dull.
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    Remix is else sebastian brandt, but it will not leave (will not go out)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mateusz View Post
    Remix is else sebastian brandt, but it will not leave (will not go out)
    Sadly I don't think Sebastian had the time to finish it.

    Luckily the Bissen remix is a

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    hmmm didnt knew there was a Bissen remix on this track... gonna grap this really soon.
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