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Thread: Trance mixes!!

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    Cool Trance mixes!!

    Here are 2 of my Trance mixes for your listening pleasure!!!

    Euphoric Vocal Trance
    Play list.........
    Intro - L Dubbs
    You Take My Breath Away - Tiesto
    Walk The Edge - Alex M.O.R.P.H
    Nothing But You - Paul Van Dyk
    No In Between - John O'Callaghan
    Daydream Lemon - Einer K
    Sirens Of The Sea - Ocean Lab
    Otherside - Topher Jones
    Anthem - Filo And Peri
    In The Dark - Tiesto
    Neo Love - Giuseppe Ottaviani

    Download Link........

    Direct Play Link.......

    Euphoric Vocal Trance Part 2

    Download Link.......

    Direct Play Link......

    Play list for Part 1 of Euphoric Vocal Trance is included in the download link,unfortunately I haven't got around to doing part 2's play list yet but I promise it will be done

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