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Thread: NYC 12/31 Repsychle Gathering Random/Mubali/Daksinamurti/Spyros/Earworm

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    Arrow NYC 12/31 Repsychle Gathering Random/Mubali/Daksinamurti/Spyros/Earworm

    NEW YEARS EVE 12/31/08 Wednesday @ HELLO BK(THE HOOK)


    Repsychle invites you on a passage through time. Permit the melody of the hypnotic realm to unravel your mind from the year elapsed, and unearth your spirit in the new age of psychedelic revolution.

    Main Stage:

    RANDOM ( - San Fransisco) - Live! - Random - San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - Trance / Psychedelic / Progressive -

    MUBALI (Trishula Records, CA) LIVE! - mubali - San Francisco, California - Psychedelic / Trance -

    DAKSINAMURTI (Shiva Space Technology/Nexus Media - Germany) - Dj Set - Daksinamurti - 27 - Male - Marburg -

    SPYROS (Psytribe - Los Angeles) - Dj Set
    PsyTribe Trance Music for Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura and San Francisco

    EARWORM (3d vision recordings - NYC) - Dj Set! - EARWORM - New York - Psychedelic / Trance / Ambient -

    BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher - NYC) - Dj Set!

    Green Apples (New Jersey/New Castle UK) - Dj Set!


    REALITY ENGINE (Reality Engine / Dreamcatcher - Brazil/NYC) - REALITY ENGINE - NYC, New York -

    Reality Engine is the Audio-Visual project of the long standing producers and DJ's, Luis Campos and Matyas Kelemen. It began when the pair joined forces and brought together their unique experience within the dance music industry to create a revolutionary integrated audio-visual show. the videos are specially made for each track creating sounds you can see and visuals you can hear.

    DJ O (Animaltek/Treibstoff – NYC) - Live & Dj Set! - ANIMALTEK - NYC - Techno / Minimalist / House -

    DJ KIFE (Omnitribe – NYC) - Dj Set! - DJ Kife - 30 - Male - NEW YORK, New York -

    DJ VITALIK (Omnitribe – NYC) - Dj Set!

    DJ ANDREY K (Polar Light – NYC) - Dj Set!

    Fluorescent Paintings and backdrops by Daya (Blacksheephybrid - Indonesia/Philadelphia) - DAYA - 40 - Male - Krubera Voronja -

    Daya is the creative visual project by Cayung Siagian. The founder of Blackshephybrid. Birth place Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia 1968. Cayung's Toba-Batak heritage expresses itself strongly in his awareness of both the natural and spiritual worlds. Cayung is a self-taught artist who says that the best art teacher is natural experience, because there is no authority or discipline forcing or limiting the freedom of expression in art. For that he is not imprison with any kind of style. Psytrance scene first found him in 1993 in Bali where he spent most of his creative time.

    State of The Art String Deco by Marria & Dave (Sonic Beating – Boston)

    Additional Décor and interactive psystructures by Neff(Nephilnine – NYC)

    Visual Projections By Guillaum Clave ::: Guillaume Clave

    Hello BK formerly The Hook
    18 Commerce street
    Brooklyn, NY
    The Hook! | Red Hook Brooklyn 18 Commerce Street Brooklyn, New York 11231 telephone 718 797 3007

    While the Red Hook does not have subways running through its underground yet,
    there are other options. The B61 bus, which travels express from Williamsburg
    and downtown BK drops you off one block from the venue. The F train carroll
    street stop drops you a short 10 minute walk from The Hook. There is plenty of
    parking space and the cab fare to the venue ranges from 8 from BK to 12 from Manhattan.

    For your convenience we will have a shuttle making runs from the Smith/9 Sts F and G train stops to the Venue!!!!!

    The Hook- Directions



    Admission is $60@the door, $50 with flyer
    And advanced tickets will be $40(until 12.30.08) Advanced tickets are available @ 12.31.08 New Years by REPSYCHLE
    or simply write us at

    For any additional questions call us @ 1917 438 8804 or contact us via

    Doors will open from 9pm-6am…

    Come out, support the scene and celebrate NYE 2009 with us!!!

    !RaknahS MooB

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    damn i wish i lived in NY
    My mixcloud page ;) aka DJ Zenthetix ^^

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