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Thread: Name of track??

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    Lightbulb Name of track??

    Hello everybody! I have random question... Some girl asked me to tell her the name of the track.. She remembers only how the videoclip looked like... Unfortunately I dont know which track could it be, so please help!! ->>

    The video was just very different and unique looking from any other video I watched at the time. The setting of the video was very futuristic and in a shopping mall or center or some sort. I remember there were a lot of people walking around. In the video, there was a boy about the age of 8 y/o (I'm pretty sure he was asian). He was running around, (I think) chasing or following a woman (I think she was also asian). I think she wanted the boy to follow her. At the end she was in the water swimming and the boy was also swimming with her.
    the song sounded very ambient and trance ish, and track is from year 2000 or 2001...

    Any ideas?
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    and i have no clue what that is, trance videos are usually done by ppl posting so it can be anything, not necessarily an official video, where did you see it?
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    Sorry about wrong section :o)

    well, actually I didnt see it... My friend wants to know it but she has no sample or something like that... so that it will be hard to recognize it.. She remembers only the video... =>>

    "So basically its this asian boy who noticed this strange woman and he starts to chase her around a shopping center and at the end they both are in water. I'm not sure if its in a pond in a forest or a pool in the shopping center.
    I think there were vocals by a female but I don't remember any of the lyrics.
    Mmmaayyybbee "paradise" is somewhere in the lyrics or part of the name of the song."

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