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Thread: Time Travellers - Lonely Planet / Bottle Beach [Infrasonic]

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    Time Travellers - Lonely Planet / Bottle Beach [Infrasonic]

    Time Travellers are a new group which consist of two familiar trance characters. Rory Gallagher aka Rozza. He has releases out on Adam White's Emalodic. The other 2nd half of the group is Danish Mark Andréz. Mark has a remix out on Anjunabeats and he has releases coming up on Aly & Fila's 'Future Sound Of Egypt' and on Enhanced and RecoverWorld. This is their first release together and on this release you will find 2 tracks; Lonely Planet with a remix from Sequentia and Bottle Beach which has got vocals courtesy of Michelle Richer.

    Lonely Planet - Original Mix
    1st track is fast paced and very much in-your-face style. The heavy rumbling and 'metallic' bassline definately makes this a potential peak-time trancer. The guitar strings in the break are absolutely spot on and the piano beneath it works perfectly without clashing or clouding the atmosphere.

    Bottle Beach - Original Mix / Instrumental
    Exciting tune from the very beginning. Great percussion setup, use of effects and fills. The best thing has to be the delayed piano which follows a very simple pattern - yet adds a very important finishing touch to the track. I personally favour the instrumental version out of the 2.

    Lonely Planet - Sequentia Remix
    Sequentia delivers a really tight remix here which overall surpasses a lot of their other recent work. It feels thicker and somewhat more 'crisp' than the original. I am not so fond of the lead synth used in the break but apart from that the whole break melody construction pushes all the right buttons.

    There is an exceptionally beautiful and laid back feel to the instrumental version of Bottle Beach. Fantastic and mesmerizing piano notes which further colours the already blissful track. I am however wondering how the sound levels of the instrumental and vocal version could end up so far from each other.

    Audiojelly Exclusive: 18/05/2009
    Full Release: 01/06/2009

    Infrasonic @ WWW
    Rozza @ Myspace
    Mark Andréz @ Myspace
    Sequentia @ Myspace

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    Rozza remix \o/ aww amazing I love this producer

    Time Travellers - Lonely Planet (Sequentia Remix) good track

    Time Travellers Feat. Michelle Richer - Bottle Beach (Original Mix) I would love that without vocal

    Time Travellers - Lonely Planet (Original Mix) nice tune

    Time Travellers - Bottle Beach (Instrumental) too low for me, but nice piano
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    so awesome! <3

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    Lonely Planet, wow so amazing without the vocals!
    Stealing Aga <3

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    You mean "Bottle Beach" DistantLand :D

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    Massive bump

    Lonely Planet is a brilliant tune, it gives me the goosebumps Far better than the Sequentia remix, which is kinda disappointing imho... that one takes away the emotional parts.
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    Cheers guys. Loads of support on this one again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MK X (Infrasonic) View Post
    Cheers guys. Loads of support on this one again.

    Hammered it on my radio show!

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